Mobile Features

Mobile app features

Your app is mobile ready, instantly

If you want your app to be mobile, Reachlite makes it easy. Your app can be automatically formatted for a mobile device screen, so you don't have to create a whole new mobile design. Your app runs natively on any iOS or Android device.


Build once, run everywhere.

Anytime you build an app, or make a change to one, it is reflected everywhere. Your work will instantly be updated in the Reachlite app. Being able to create an app that can be easily changed lets you quickly adapt to your business needs as soon as they change.

Offline sync lets you collect data without the internet

Never worry about not being connected. Reachlite mobile apps let you collect data without internet access, and sync your data once it's back online. No matter where you are, your app is always working for you.


Securely stored on your device

All information collected and stored on the device when offline is encrypted. Your data is secure when stored locally, and then synced back to your data sources when back online, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

White Label your app for your business

Want to brand your app for your business outside of the Reachlite app? Reachlite can white label your app and submit it to the App Store and Google Play Store for you, allowing you to use Reachlite's powerful features, while also keeping it branded entriely for your business.