Compulark Inc.

About Us

Who we are

Compulark Inc. is a software solutions provider that orchestrates, integrates, and automates business processes in various sectors such as information exchange and processing, data matching and linkage, interoperability, and document management. Compulark Inc.'s expertise and technology provides its customers with secure, universal access to information across various organizations. Compulark’s solutions incorporate the people, processes, and technologies involved in business data exchange, so organizations can reduce costs and streamline processes. Founded in 1998, Compulark, is one of the leading providers of various solutions for effortless information exchange and collaboration, which it creates through a unique online experience focusing on people and their varying needs. Compuark's long history in Healthcare, Telecommunication and Marketing sectors is our core strength. That, coupled with our dedication and commitment to excellence is what really sets us apart in today's competitive marketplace. We have two leading products, each in production with numerous customers.

The Team Behind Compulark Inc.

Our team brings together a variety of unique skill sets that come together to drive our vision, and create the best solutions for our customers. With different perspectives, and different industry experience, our people know how to find what works for a wide variety of users and businesses.

Morris Klid
Yakov Kazakevich
David Craig
VP of Business Development