The new standard in mountain-scale form management. Form Governance helps your organization, by quickly TRANSFORMING and DEPLOYING forms to web and mobile, while preparing for the EVOLUTION of your business in the future.



Convert thousands of XFA, Acroform PDF, MS Office documents or traditional print forms to web and mobile in days instead of years.

You can edit fields, change business rules, rationalize data or simply let Reachlite intelligently detect each form field type automatically.



Rationalize data by unlocking the business rules to enable data management, analytics, and AI

By taking advantage of master data management techniques Reachlite standardizes information across multiple fields, documents and databases.

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Leverage the rationalized data to modify, innovate and evolve to meet your business objectives.

Reachlite responds to your needs by allowing you to edit all of your forms, no matter the number, and rationalize the countless similarities.

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Digital Transformation of Legacy Forms

Governments and large enterprises distribute and process thousands of different forms, but managing them is time consuming, cumbersome and costly.

Reachlite transforms and deploys smart and paper forms to web and mobile formats, enabling organizations to edit fields, change business rules, and rationalize colleted data, realizing benefits never before possible.

Reachlite converts rules and creates data schema automatically, so thousands of forms can be updated or edited at once, providing organizations the ability to modify, enhance or globally change once-static documents.


WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant HTML5 and native mobile app batch conversion in no time.

Whether your organization has 1,000 or 100,000 forms, our proprietary engine can transform any file format to web and mobile in a fraction of the time it would take to complete manually.

No more need for months of work or expensive custom coded form sites.

Quickly mass edit and deploy.

Automatically convert all your forms to instantly work in a web browser or a mobile device, and adjusts correctly to the platform it’s on, including to the size of the screen with its responsive design.

Reachlite offers offline mobile sync, which means data is never lost because of a bad connection.

Using Reachlite allowed us to quickly and easily create a seamless electronic forms experience for our customers. It is a great platform that gives so much flexibility in design and data control. It is always a pleasure to work with Reachlite and the team at Compulark.

Sam ChebibCEO - neXia Health Technologies

Reachlite has been an integral part of Employee Benefits and Payroll systems. We were able to put the workflow online, and get rid of complicated paper forms. The support for setting up our system has always been great, and we were surprised with just how powerful the platform is!

Victor BensusanCEO - Yakidoo

Reachlite has helped us immensely with our insurance forms, especially when we wanted to put them on mobile devies. No other solution gave us a way to do it so quickly and easily, while also letting us keep the look of our original forms. The Reachlite team is always professional in our dealings with them, and have always been very helpful in meeting our needs.

Barry BlockPresident - Sabre Insurance Group