Create apps, collect data, and streamline your business.
Reachlite makes it easy.

Convert files to web and mobile apps. Instantly.

With Reachlite's Converter, you can upload files like PDFs, Adobe LiveCycle (XFA) PDF Forms, scans of paper documents, images, and more, and instantly convert them into apps that you can use on the web or on a mobile device. Learn more

Edit converted apps or design from scratch

Reachlite's app designer is state-of-the-art and easy to use. Whether you're editing an app you converted from a PDF, or designing from a clean slate, Reachlite gives you control to create it your way. Learn more

Business Rules make your app dynamic

With a powerful business logic engine, Reachlite lets you make dynamic apps that interact with the data they work with. Learn more

Works seamlessly with your data

Reachlite integrates with your data, wherever and however it's stored. Use any data source you want, and Reachlite can talk to it and send and receive the information you need to work with.

No need to hire in-house developers

With Reachlite, you'll save time and money by quickly converting your workflows to web and mobile apps without having to hire expensive developers.

Flexible deployment options

Deploy your apps using our public or private cloud services. Or, host them yourself with our on-premise option. We give you the freedom to have your apps work any way you need.

A powerful business app design tool Visually manage your data integrations Business Rules drive your app's logic Instantly convert any file to an app

Reachlite's designer was built with your business in mind. Create a custom app that meets your needs and looks the way you want it to. With a large selection of controls and interactive elements, you'll never need another app designer.

Our visual data mapping tool gives you a new way of seeing how your app works with your data sources. Populate data from multiple sources directly to elements of your app, push data from other elements to those sources, and reuse your mappings in other apps without re-creating them each time.

Use the Business Rules Engine to create dynamic apps that interact with your data the way you and your users need them to. Take control over all aspects of how your app works with data.

Use our file-to-app converter to start designing powerful web and mobile apps using what your business already owns. Just drag-and-drop a form, picture, or document into the converter, and Reachlite does the rest.

Material Design
Terrace skin
Web skin
Web skin

Convert anything you can view on your screen to an app.

Have a bunch of paper form scans that you want online instantly? Or some workflows you want to put together into a seamless web and mobile experience for your customers? With Reachlite, you can take your existing material and quickly have them online and working your way.
Simply upload a file (PDFs, Images, MS Office documents, and more), and let Reachlite instantly convert it into a web and native mobile app. It's that simple.


Customize your apps to make them work your way

With Reachlite's app designer, you can easily create a web and mobile experience that suits your needs.
Add text fields, buttons, images, signature fields, you name it. Then, make your app dynamic, by adding logic and Business Rules that power how your app works with data. Everything you need is provided to help you make great custom apps for your business.

Data can come from any source, and in any structure

Reachlite's knows how to handle any data. Our structure-agnostic platform means that we can handle your data in whatever form it comes in. No need to change anything on your end.
Reachlite can adapt to your data sources, and seamlessly integrate with them.


A great Web and Mobile experience

Your app instantly works in a web browser or mobile device, and adjusts correctly to the platform it's on. No need to make a new app for a smartphone or tablet to mimic what's on the web. Reachlite does it automatically.

Using Reachlite allowed us to quickly and easily create a seamless electronic forms experience for our customers. It is a great platform that gives so much flexibility in design and data control. It is always a pleasure to work with Reachlite and the team at Compulark.

Sam ChebibCEO - neXia Health Technologies

Reachlite has been an integral part of Employee Benefits and Payroll systems. We were able to put the workflow online, and get rid of complicated paper forms. The support for setting up our system has always been great, and we were surprised with just how powerful the platform is!

Victor BensusanCEO - Yakidoo

Reachlite has helped us immensely with our insurance forms, especially when we wanted to put them on mobile devies. No other solution gave us a way to do it so quickly and easily, while also letting us keep the look of our original forms. The Reachlite team is always professional in our dealings with them, and have always been very helpful in meeting our needs.

Barry BlockPresident - Sabre Insurance Group