Reachlite Features

A full suite for business app creation

Design your app, your way.

Use a powerful design tool to create apps that work the way you want. With all of the content and data controls you need, you can customize everything without any size, shape, or creative limitations.
Use the designer to edit apps you convert, or to create apps from scratch.

  • Basic controls like text fields, buttons, checkboxes, and images.
  • Drawing tools and signature boxes.
  • Dynamic fields and table views
  • Resizing and alignment tools for quick adjustments.

Convert your existing files to apps in seconds.

Reachlite's Converter takes files like PDFs, images, MS Office files, and converts its visual representation into web and mobile apps by using computer vision techniques. Reachlite preserves the look and feel of the original file, so you don't have to worry about adapting to a new look once your file becomes an app.
Reachlite offers the most accurate Adobe LiveCycle PDF Forms XFA-to-App converter, which translates all content, formatting, validation, calculation, and business rules to the HTML5 format. Reachlite is the only solution that can mobilize Adobe LiveCycle PDF Forms, utilizing Field View capabilities.

  • Converts in seconds.
  • Supports popular file formats like PDFs, images, and MS Office files.
  • Edit your app immediately after conversion.
  • Instantly available on web and mobile platforms.

Business Rules power the logic behind your app.

With our Business Rules engine, you can make apps with whatever logic you need. Easily control everything about how your app runs. Choose what happens when you click a button, when to show or hide a part of your app, or how the app interacts with your data sources.


Submissions let you collect data from your users

If your app collects and submits data, Reachlite lets you manage each submission that is made by your users. Submissions can be made on the web or on any mobile device, using different input types like text, drawings, and camera uploads. All the data a user enters is securely transmitted to a data source and can be shown to anyone who you allow.

Seamless Data Source Integration

Whether you have a small table of data you want pull from, or have hundreds of database servers that constantly need to be read from and updated, Reachlite has all of the Data Source Integration features you need. Create and manage info from external databases and web services, or create your own internal data sets directly in Reachlite for quick access. And use the visual mapping tool to see exactly how your information flows in your data integrations. With Reachlite, your data will always be close at hand.

  • Direct database connection using industry standard relational databases.
  • NoSQL database support.
  • Push and pull your data to and from your systems in XML or JSON formats using web services APIs.
  • Reachlite cloud database option.

Collaboration is key.

If you have submissions being sent around and changed by many Reachlite users, you need an interface that allows you to see what changes are made and to communicate what is being done every step of the way. You can also build workflows like approval queues, so specific users can approve a submission before it goes to someone else Reachlite's collaboration interface lets you have full control to see who changed a submission, send messages between users, and have a bird's-eye view of your entire workflow.

Control Access and Security

Security is always a top priority. It starts from who can access your app. You can make your entire app accessible to the public, or make sure only users you want see it. But it doesn't stop there. Permissions can be set at any level, from the entire app, to individual elements within the app. You can create your own user roles to easily organize and manage who can access any part of your app.
In addition, all of your data transfers are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption during transmission and 256-bit AES encryption on storage.


Export and share your data

Reachlite lets you easily export and import your apps and their submissions in various file formats, including Excel, XML, PDF, and the HL7 healthcare standard. This lets you store and share your data in whichever way is best for you and your business.

Create a Cloud Database to store your data

If you don't have your own infrastructure, you can store your data in a Reachlite cloud database. This lets you store and retrieve your data easily without needing to set up your own data storage infrastructure.


Fully Mobile Ready

Reachlite is ready to have your app run on mobile devices immediately.

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