Accessing Third Party Web Services from Web Service based Data SourcesΒΆ


There are two types of web services:

  • Getters using GET web method to retrieve data from the external Data source
  • Setters using POST web method to submit data base to the external Data source

All date and time fields must be converted to strings. In order to comply with ReachLite integration requirement, all web services must follow the JSON Array format.

The root element is a ReachLite Data category name which will be used in the system to properly get or set the information to the data elements. Please note that this format utilizes a table approach, meaning that it can be more than one data category or more them one row handled within the same JSON stream.

The API Key must be provided as a parameter and verified by the third party web service.



In this example, ‘PatientInfo’ and ‘UserInfo’ are names of the Data Category in the ReachLite setup.