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Supported formats include images, PDFs and MS Office files. File size limit for free conversions is 2MB and 1 page per file.
Please ensure that you use a high quality file if it is a paper scan or image. The clearer it is, the more likely you will get a good conversion.

Quick and easy conversion into robust and usable apps

Take any file and convert its visual representation into a web and mobile app. Reachlite accepts a wide range of file formats, so no matter how your original file looks like, you can convert it into an app in a few seconds.

Visible app elements are added automatically

When your file is converted into an app, Reachlite automatically finds the parts of your file that are right for placing elements like text boxes, buttons, and check boxes, and puts those controls in the proper place and at the right size.

Context-sensitive elements

The converter reads through your file and checks for clues when deciding which element to place. For example, if it sees a 'Date' field, it knows to put a calendar element rather than a plain text box. It's just that smart.

Touch up your app with our powerful Designer

Don't like where Reachlite put a checkbox? Want to add a dynamic map element to your app? How about some data integration with your business backend? No problem! With Reachlite's designer, you can edit your converted app to fully customize the experience.

Instantly have your app running online and mobile.

When your conversion is finished, you will get a URL to get to the app online, and a QR code to scan using the Reachlite app, which will let you run the app however you want, and start gathering the data you need.

All in the cloud

The conversion is done entirely online and in the cloud. We handle it so you don't need to download any new software to start making great apps.